Sudden Regulation Changes Affects Chincoteague Commercial Fishing Boats

Most of us are used to seeing the fleet of large scallop boats that have made Chincoteague home the last few years. These boats are docked around the drawbridge and other parts of the channel.

An unexpected change in regulations is likely to send most of the large scallop boats away this season. The regulations are very complicated but basically the area off Chincoteague will be closed to scallop harvesting. In a shocking last minute change, the area just above the MD-VA coast that has been closed and is loaded with market size scallops will also remain closed.

The location of the new Delmarva Scallop Rotational Closed Area is:
(Closed through the 2009 scallop fishing year)
Point N. Latitude W. Longitude
DMV1 38 10′ 74 50′
DMV2 38 10′ 74 00′
DMV3 37 15′ 74 00′
DMV4 37 15′ 74 50′
DMV1 38 10′ 74 50′