Assateague Island Wildlfe

This gallery is courtesy of Onley Images. Onley Images shares the natural beauty and diversity of the eastern shore of Virginia as photographed by Dorothy A. Perrucci. Most wildlife photos were taken at Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge. Dorothy resides in Onley, VA. She has never been to Kansas, but formerly lived in NJ. She captures nature’s visual imagery with digital equipment and lots of patience. You can find Onley Images cards in fine area gift shops. Every card contains an original photograph of flowers, insects, wildlife or an eastern shore scene.

Sika deer feed on the refuge.

An egret stalks the shallows.

A yellow legs and turtle along the waters edge.

A black skimmer feeds on the marsh.

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Images are copyrighted by Onley Images. Duplication, reproduction, online display or other use of these images without expressed written permission from is prohibited.