Out of the Sea

Reading a single page of this book is likely to hook readers on the enchantment of Chincoteague Island and the world famous ponies. The author introduces the audience to the existence and popularity of the ponies, but also brings to light all the cultural interactions that make the Chincoteague ponies something that people of every age travel great distances to experience.

The book goes on to explore theories about the origin of the Chincoteague ponies as well as chronicle the evolution of the herd. An important discussion of the book centers on the the people that are connected to the ponies, including park service personnel, the fire company and the "saltwater cowboys".

The book also conveys a heartwarming story of the creation and and role of the Feather Fund. The Feather Fund is an organization that helps children purchase Chincoteague ponies. In the book the author characterizes the organization and portrays its impacts on people's lives.

This is one book that is a must have for every serious collector of Chincoteague pony information.

Out of the Sea
Today's Chincoteague Pony
By Lois Szymanski
45 pages/softcover
$14.95 Tidewater Publishers
Available at area bookstores and independent retailers

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