Chincoteague Island Virginia Decoys

Chincoteague Island is famous for it's excellent waterfowl hunting and decoys. This is one of the few places where hard carved working decoys are commonplace.

Chincoteague Island hunting guides are selective about equipment and often maintain a variety of hand carved decoys patterned to mimic the species of waterfowl. Popular hand carved working decoys may include mallards, black ducks, bluebill ducks, canvasback, goldeneye, bufflehead, teal and others.

Along with working decoys are a wide range of local artists, carving all types of waterfowl and other wildlife carvings. The island's decoy carver's association has over 200 members.

Visitors will find a nice selection of small shops and galleries along the streets of Chincoteague. Some of the best treasures on the island are actually found in the smallest nooks of the town, where local hunters and watermen still hand carve working duck and goose decoys.

Duck Decoy Art and Apparel


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