The Four Seasons on Chincoteague Island

Chincoteague Island Virginia is a popular vacation destination on the east coast of the USA. While the island is best known for its summer activities, Chincoteague is a vacation getaway that has year round activities for visitors.


Springtime can be nice in Chincoteague. The weather plays a major role in outdoor activities. Chincoteague has made great strides in crafting fun for visitors even if bad weather happens. Among the springtime events are the 2nd Saturday walks, Chincoteague Island Spring Craft Show, International Migratory Bird Day Celebration, Seafood Festival, the Blessing of the Fleet, the Decoy Carvers show and other festivals. Upon reaching the island, visitors will find Chincoteague a busy place in spring. Shopkeepers are making repairs and putting up new products. Boaters and watermen are scrambling to prepare for the fishing season. On the refuge, workers will be preening the beaches for the inevitable flood of sunbathers, swimmers and explorers.


Summer is Chincoteague's busiest time. The summer season brings a flood of vacationers, beach enthusiasts, bird watchers, fishermen and pony lovers. The annual pony swim, penning, auction and firemen's carnival in July is the highlight of the summer season and brings tourists from across the nation who get to watch Chincoteague's saltwater cowboys in action. Flounder fishing remains popular and anglers visit Chincoteague Island to take advantage of the excellent offshore fishing. Charter boats and weekend warriors fish for tuna, mahi mahi, billfish and other big game fish throughout the summer. On the beach, visitors enjoy the summer sun and warm water.


Fall is the hidden treasure of Chincoteague Island. The crowds have thinned, motel rates are amazingly affordable, and the flies, mosquitoes, heat and humidity are gone. While the waters may be a little cool for swimming, a day on the beach can still be relaxing, and the beaches still get plenty of visitors.


Winter is the peaceful season. Chincoteague can be lit up for Christmas, or perhaps blanketed in snow. While many pastimes are put on the back burner, birding is in high gear. On Assateague, the refuge is alive with ducks, geese, brant, swans and other bird life. Birdwatchers will see ducks everywhere, in the marshes, along the causeways, all over the back bays and out at sea. Commercial boats still come and go, bringing seafood from the ocean and the famous Chincoteague oysters from the bay. Most shops have closed, but some remain open, at least on weekends.


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