Chincoteague Island Virginia Inns and Bed and Breakfasts

Chincoteague Island Virginia is home to inns and bed and breakfasts which provide visitors with a nice variety of vacation options. Accommodations range from downtown establishments in the shopping district to secluded waterfront settings around the island. Visitors to the Island will find that the town is the perfect bed and breakfast retreat.

With coffee shops, ice cream shops, waterside deck restaurants, and other shops nearby, Chincoteague provides a safe, relaxing, family atmosphere to unwind in. The more adventuresome visitors can leave the bed and breakfasts ready to hit the beach, see wild Chincoteague ponies, or enjoy water sports such as fishing, power boating, kayaking, hiking, or bird watching.

Many of the bed and breakfasts are beautiful Victorian style homes, with large rooms and intricately decorated exteriors. Nearby views will include spectacular sunrises and sunsets, parades of the town's ducks, fishing boats returning from sea and the famous Chincoteague ponies grazing or playing in the refuge. Dining is either inclusive or nearby, depending on the accommodation, and seafood lovers are sure to find a nice selection of fresh choices, with at least one type of local seafood always in season.

When choosing your island getaway, see the full list of Chincoteague Virginia bed and breakfasts.

Visitors are encouraged to call for reservations well in advance, especially in the summer season.


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