Chincoteague Island Virginia Real Estate

Chincoteague Island real estate can be a great investment and a wonderful asset for area vacationers Area realtors list private homes, condominiums, apartments, vacation rentals, commercial properties and more. Of particular interest are waterfront properties, especially those with access such as piers, boat slips or scenic overlooks.

Just before reaching Chincoteague Island's Main Street, properties crop up on a tiny island that lies between 2 channels. Several condominiums populate this small but beautiful parcel of high, sandy real estate. This tiny area is connected to the main island by the town's drawbridge.

The channel is a crowded venue of commercial fishing vessels, recreational fishermen, pleasure boaters, personal watercraft, the town's semi-domestic ducks and a variety of waterfowl and other wildlife. While one would think this would be a recipe for disaster, it is more often a very relaxing atmosphere as tourists on the town park take pictures and enjoy the sunset while boaters and travelers pause to let the ducks have the right of way.

Along Main Street is a mix of small shops, vacation rentals, bed and breakfasts, condos, hotels, motels, marinas and campgrounds. To the north are several attractive areas of housing, some with spectacular views of Chincoteague's wildlife and the nearby bay. To the east is Maddox Boulevard which leads to Assateague Island and Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge. The street is a mix more shops, motels, restaurants and attractions. From these main thoroughfares, the a nice mix of small streets lead to quiet neighborhoods.

Visitors that are interested in real estate on Chincoteague Island might enjoy a leisurely tour of the island, followed by a visit to several of the area realtors for more detailed information. Those visitors that are interested in a wider area can tour some of the nearby towns of Virginia and Maryland. Among the local adjacent areas are Girdletree, Snow Hill, Pocomoke and Public Landing in Maryland, as well as Virginia areas such as Greenbackville, Atlantic, Captain's Cove and Wishart's Point.


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