Chincoteague Wildlife Refuge Hiking and Biking Trails

Chincoteague Wildlife Refuge

The refuge is the flagship of Chincoteague area attractions. The park is nearby, accessible by car, bicycle or on foot. The refuge seems to have something for everyone. There are the world famous ponies of course, the beach, and acres of marsh and forest visited by shorebirds, waterfowl and other wildlife.

Wildlife Loop

Vacationers can enjoy the wildlife loop on foot or by bicycle while the park is open, or by vehicle from 3pm-dusk. The wildlife loop is 3.2 miles long.

Woodland Trail

The woodland trail is 1.6 miles long, forming a loop thru the forest and to an overlook of the marsh. The overlook is one of the most reliable places to spot Chincoteague ponies, although they are often at a distance. Photographers with high powered lenses will find this an excellent spot to photograph wildlife.

Lighthouse Trail

The lighthouse trail leads up a hill to the Assateague lighthouse. This is a short hike with a spectacular view at the top. The lighthouse sometimes features tours and  other events.

Black Duck Trail

This path leads from Beach Road thru the marsh and onto the wildlife loop. This is an excellent trail to search for herons, turtles and other marsh life.

Marsh Trail

The marsh trail leads along the western edge of the snow goose pool, inside the wildlife loop. This is a great trail for enjoying Chincoteague's waterfowl.

Swan Cove Trail

This trail leads behind the beach and out onto the marsh on the east side of the wildlife loop.


The Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge website and brochures provide safety tips concerning insects, poison ivy, interacting with animal life, etc. Both sources also have warnings on feeding wild animals and disturbing plant life.

Visit the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge and and Assateague National Seashore websites for more information.



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