Deep Sea Fishing Aboard Tools of the Trade

Deep sea fishing aboard Tools of the Trade is an excellent vacation activity while visiting Chincoteague Island. Captain Kevin Merritt and wife Cindy provide clients with a quality offshore fishing experience.

The boat is 40' Ocean Yachts sportfisherman, powered with safe and reliable twin Cat marine diesel engines. With a gross weight over 45,000 lbs, this is a solid and comfortable boat to spend a day aboard in search of offshore fish such as tuna, billfish and sharks.

Our trip was a pre-season foray in search of tuna along a convergence of warm gulfstream water. We traveled over 65 nautical miles to depths of 200 fathoms(1,200 feet!). This was a long trip by local standards. The distances to the fish can vary from season to season. The boat made around 26 knots and the trip was an easy one in both directions.

Tuna fishing can be boom or bust but on this day, luck was with us as we caught about 2 dozen tuna including 10 yellowfin tuna up to about 35 lbs and a mixed class of bluefin tuna, up to 51 inches in length. The state of the art tackle made catching these monsterous fish a phsyically demanding but thrilling experience. The tackle and specially designed chair allowed the group which included men, women and a 13 year old female to safely catch tuna that in some cases were nearly our size.

Tools of the Trade offers inshore wreck fishing trips from Chincoteague during the spring and fall. The summer season consists of predominantly deep sea fishing for tuna, mahi mahi, wahoo, shark, billfish and other species. During the late fall and winter, Tools of the Trade moves to Virginia Beach for exciting fishing for trophy striped bass, known locally as "rockfish".

For more information on Tools of the Trade, visit the website at or drop by Curtis Merritt Harbor and meet Kevin and Cindy.


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