Golf is a game that thrills the mind and improves one’s athletic nature. Little wonder many people from around the world arrange golf travels, giving them the pleasure to visit golf resorts on long or short breaks. The love for golf is so immense that some people travel farther away from their home countries to visit some of the world’s biggest golf resorts. Seriously, any avid golfer would love to do the game in picturesque areas with wide-open and well-equipped golf courses. In spite of the great technical challenges involved in golf,  many people are dying to immerse themselves in the game.

Golf Travel and Resorts

With the vast amount of golf resorts in the world, golf travel has taken a new dimension and many travelers can testify to the eye-catching courses they see in golf resorts around the globe. If you’re making arrangements for golf travel, you’re sure to find an imposing array of golf resorts across Europe and several other continents. Today, experienced and all-rounder golf travelers can testify to the beauty of visiting great golf resorts such as Pebble Beach Resort in California and Old Course situated in St. Andrews, Scotland.

Many people love to visit golf resorts where their golf activities know no bounds but it’s obvious that majority of golf resorts maintain stringent stipulations. In certain conditions, a golf resort might not allow its client to book additional rounds especially when there are too many people who have made plans to book specific spots in the golf resort. At times, a golfer could be restricted to the single course he initially booked and for certain reasons, he might not be allowed to use the resort’s main course.

Depending on conditions and the regulations made by the golf resort, a golfer might be allowed to do unlimited playing but in a single day. Another common instance is that a golfer’s time on the golf course could be restricted to specific hours. Most importantly, you’re advised to take a look at the small print to specify the golf package that suits you best. This is really a great way to make a preference whenever you’re planning a constant break or seeking to obtain an invitation to one of the lovely private courses in the world. Finally, below is a list of some of the world’s best luxury golf resorts you would love to visit.

  • One&Only Palmilla (located in Mexico)
  • The Broadmoor (located in Colorado)
  • Abaco Club (located in the Bahamas)
  • Kauri Cliffs (located in New Zealand)
  • Laucala (located in Fiji)

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